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The Florida Empire Group derives from our personal names, we chose a name that speaks of our partnership because together, we can accomplish anything and everything for our clients. 

We assist in buying and selling luxury real estate, therefore you get a luxurious experience when you work with us. We believe in our two-person-team dynamic; what you see is what you get. We promise to personally take care of you. We will be the direct liaison throughout your entire experience. When you work with a team that is fueled by passion and experience, you will reap exceptional results. That’s what separates us from the rest. 

We don’t just buy and sell luxury, we live it. Both being South Florida natives, it’s not a matter of what we “think” could be a good fit for you, we know. We both have different backgrounds with different skill sets, but combining them together embodies the perfect asset for your real estate journey. 

Not to mention, we can comprise as a full-service agency if needed. We both will personally leverage our surrounding contacts to get you the exceptional services you so rightfully deserve. 

There’s nothing more certain than our passion for this industry within this specific market. We are committed to helping you in whatever real estate means for you.